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Clotilde Espinosa

Clotilde Espinosa

El Paso, TX


My name is Clotilde B. Espinosa and I was born in Colima, Mexico and have been living in this country for many years. I have a BFA and a MFA from Texas Woman's University.
Many artists have inspired me to explore my inner self and to search of the new ways what I find in the depths of my emotional life. I have been very open with the talking word and decided to express my feelings though my paintings, portraying just how much my life has been dominated by my overprotective husband.
I owed him so much...but not having freedom it was an obstacle for me. I can't explain my life but I can demonstrate through my art what my feelings were in many occasions.
Now that I lost him...I realize how much he depended on me because he could not let go of his worry that something really bad could happened to other words the thought of loosing me was just too much to bare and would devastate him.
Lucky for him he found me as I was his protector ....I understood his suffering and pain and because my great love and devotion I was always able to put him first..
We were both lucky and I hope it shows in my paintings...He always stood for me as a caring, intelligent and fascinating man whose only flaw was that he could not let go of the thought of loosing me.
I paint with bright colors hopping the message does not conveys a complete surrender.


Manzanillo Beaches by Clotilde Espinosa


Volcanoes at Sundown by Clotilde Espinosa


Another Day by Clotilde Espinosa


Surrounded by Beauty by Clotilde Espinosa


The Beauty and the Beast. by Clotilde Espinosa


Iguana's Paradise by Clotilde Espinosa


The Stone Road by Clotilde Espinosa


My Dear Mother by Clotilde Espinosa


Me by Clotilde Espinosa



Guavas by Clotilde Espinosa


Endless by Clotilde Espinosa


Sunrise in Manzanillo by Clotilde Espinosa


Underground by Clotilde Espinosa


Visiting Neighbor by Clotilde Espinosa


Twisted Column by Clotilde Espinosa